Earth time

A different concept
Terpsichore Dance Theatre, which in the year 2002 celebrated its 10th anniversary, has yet again come up with a new and exciting project. Terpsichore’s production Earth Time blends different art forms into a unified whole which forms part of a larger co-production with various cultural societies and institutions in the city and region of Aarhus. This co-production is called Cultural Encounters.

A cultural meeting point
For its anniversary, Terpsichore introduces a new concept: Cultural Encounters. 
The Cultural Encounters are intended as a cross-cultural forum in which every single encounter or performance consists of episodes from Terpsichore’s own production Earth Time in a montage with other cultural contributions. The core of the project is interaction – interaction between episodes from Earth Time and contributions from, for example: a vicar, a farmer, a Buddhist monk, a biologist, an archaeologist, local artists and local groups such as voluntary groups affiliated to Flygtningehjælpen. Each single performance will be unique with different performers and contributions but having Terpsichore and Earth Time as the connecting link and the theme of (the) earth, literally and metaphorically, as undercurrent. The key word is integration - integration of different people, professions, religions and forms of representation. The Cultural Encounters will consist of single parts, which together form a whole.

Earth Time
(The) earth. Sandy soil, clay soil, humus. We are always related to the earth. Our ancestors worshiped and danced to The Earth. The earth determines our movements on both a concrete and an abstract, metaphysical level. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The earth contains our grief, our dead. We die because of the barrenness of the earth, drought, or the movements of the earth, earthquakes, but we also live from the earth and on the earth. The earth is fertile. Plants hibernate, grow and transform into soil in a circular metamorphosis which contains life and putrefaction. Trees spring from the earth and connect earth and sky, the world above and the compelling, menacing underworld. They create oxygen. They hold experience and wisdom. 
Time. Earth time. Mythological time. Time of remembrance. Linear time and circular time, horizontal and vertical time. The concept of time is concrete and abstract, subjective and objective. The seasons change in a motion, which is both progressively linear and regressively circular.

Sacha World
Pernille Overø
Mads Bischoff
Sacha World
Jan Rüsz
Light og stage:
Steen Molls

13th to 31th may 2002: 
Cultural encounters in Århus County.

May 2. 2002
Opening night, Aarhus 
May 3. 2002
Performance, Aarhus
May 4. 2002
Cultural encounter, Aarhus
May 6. 2002
Cultural encounter, Aarhus

May 8. 2002
Cultural encounter, Aarhus:
10 Years anniversary!

All above encounters took place at:
"GRAN - Teater for dans", Aarhus, Denmark in may 2002.

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